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idk how it got into the backyard, but its here now

Just found some huge lizard out in the backyard




Kirby’s Avalanche/Ghost Trap is the best and nobody can convince me otherwise.

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Shoutout to cats for existing

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this doesn’t need a caption to be funny


this doesn’t need a caption to be funny

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When I walk into the pharmacy


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My anaconda will consider it

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Anonymous asked:

all the reactions related to "hatred" is interesting dont you think?


Of course I can see why many wouldn’t like the game itself, some aren’t comfortable with a game containing murder, and possible the majority of people that wouldn’t like the game would be those who dislike the fact that the aim of the game is similar to that of people who have done real life massacres.

That’s all understandable, until you get to the “journalists” writing stuff about it.

Polygon made an article stating why “shock culture is dead”, and I think that was their second article on ‘Hatred’ trying to make out how pointless the game is. Yet, they easily prove themselves wrong because they wrote the article in the first place.

Vice made an article about ‘Hatred’ where they brought up the developer teams gender as if it was a point that contributed to why the game is bad (though that part of the article was removed a little while ago).

There are games that have done what ‘hatred’ is doing, but this game is maybe getting more outrage, possibly because of things that have happened recently in regards to games journalism(?) *cough*

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#i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me